About the Pouch

Each and every pouch is made to order. The buyer’s needs are kept in mind while I craft it together. You get to customize the size, color, shape of the pouch itself. I make sure to imbue it my mojo and seal all the good bits inside it. Now like I said, they each have their own purpose and are tied to the person they are made for specifically. Don’t let other people handle your pouch. It takes away some of the zest I put there and tinges the effect itself to where it isn’t as useful.

Now you might be thinking that this would break the bank to buy one of these little dearies. Nope. They are only $15 plus shipping. Part of my business model is really to help people with these. Yes it is a business so I DO profit, but that is mostly so I can afford food. The takeaway here is that they are only $15 for a magic pouch to aide you in your life’s endeavors. Head over to the contact page to submit an order.